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Tips To Become a Good Open Source Cloud Computing Developer In 2021

    open source cloud models

    Cloud computing has now become one of the most discussed topics in the world of technology. Cloud computing provides a simple way for a group of people to access and enjoy the same collection of data. Whenever we are talking about shed data and resources, open source projects are one of the things that come to our minds immediately. Quite naturally, therefore, there also exist open source cloud projects which let groups of people enjoy free access to important data. An open source cloud developer sounds like an interesting career option, doesn’t it? What a coincidence that even we think so! And to help you become an efficient open source project developer we have got some tips that you could find helpful. Check them out as you keep scrolling.

    What are open source cloud models?

    Even though you probably are quite fluent regarding your concept of what an open source cloud exactly is, still let us take a brief look at it before we go onto what it states to be an expert open source developer.

    Now open source originally comes from open source software or OSS. This kind of software was designed to make certain pieces of data and information accessible to the public without any exceptions. All of the crowd could access the data, modify it, and use it as per their needs undesired. That is fair the concept of open source cloud computing arises from.

    Any cloud service that makes use of open source cloud software or technologies can be referred to as an open source cloud. An open source cloud can cover private, public, or hybrid cloud models. The only condition is that all of the models must be built on open source technologies and operate on them only.

    Some of the best open source cloud platforms could be the VCL media player, Firefox browser, and so on.

    Tips to becoming an expert open source cloud developer

    Every job that exists has some small tips. If you succeed in mastering those little things that make an actual difference in your profession and help you get by any obstacles on your way in your workplace. Here we are going to talk about some of the little things that you can focus on that would eventually make a bigger difference in your work output.

    1. Become a part of the Apache software foundation

    This is an American non-profit corporation. Apache Software Foundation is known to have supported many open source projects in their initial stages. If you wish to pursue a career in open source cloud computing, it will definitely be a smart decision to build your acquaintance with the ASF.

    You need to become a committer at Apache software foundation. In that way, you will be able to commit 2 a particular project repository at ASF. Even though this is not a very easy process, it is not very difficult either.

    2. Explore the market and minds

    One thing you can never forget is that cloud service is for the public. You need to keep in mind what the public wants. The main catch in an open source cloud is the fact that they provide information for free and without any bars or exceptions. However if you do not provide data that your target audience really wants, there is no point in building cloud servers with information for free, undisputed, and impartial access. So make sure that you as a source cloud computing expert keep track of all the trending projects and the thoughts of the public.

    3. Innovate with the people

    When you are building your own open source project, you will automatically come in contact with a community of people who will be directly affected and benefited from or are somehow related to the field of your cloud services. This community of peoples will ask you questions regarding the project, and maybe even suggest ideas for the same. Make sure to use all these suggestions and the questions that they ask in a positive manner and build on them.

    You might have noticed that all of the above are due to be more active in the developers’ community as a whole. You can post your ideas online, share your findings and experiences with other fellow developers, and show and maintain enough interest in their works too. You also need to love your open source project wholeheartedly. Only then will you be able to think out of the box and innovate ideas that no one has thought about before, and eventually become an expert open source cloud developer.