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Job Partner Recorem

To revolutionize talent discovery by leveraging specialized gatherings as a channel for job discovery.


  • Guaranteed feedback with analytics within 72 hours.
  • Job competition limited to the event attendees.
  • Find Freelance, Part-time, Consulting and Full-time jobs through specialized events.
  • Real-time analytics for stats on live jobs and average compensation.
  • Post-event analytics to evaluate market standing and up-skill.


  • One ticket per event to post multiple jobs and get unlimited prequalified applications equates to the lowest cost per hire.
  • Discover specialized events relevant to your industry and job openings.
  • Access passive candidates who are not present on job boards.
  • Review resumes efficiently using the Recorem’s Smart Resume Viewer and schedule interviews.
  • Recruit and collaborate as a team on Recorem simultaneously at multiple events.

— if you pay yourself:

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— if you are getting reimbursed:

Corporate AI Cloud pass


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