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How to Prevent Phishing Attack with the Changing World of Technology?

    How to prevent phishing attack with the changing world of technology


    Armorblox specialists have recently brought to the front a significantly useful phishing attack that prevalently targets Netflix clients. According to the words that Chetan Anand (prime supporter and designer at Armorblox) verbalized in a blog, all the vital Netflix phishing assaults end up being what the specialized world alludes to as ‘multi-pronged’. This phishing attack in essence is a phishing scam that substantially jeopardizes your privacy. This phishing attack in concern consistently initiates with messages that call themselves to be illustrative of Netflix uphold. This blog will disclose to you all that you require to know about Netflix phishing assaults.

    What is Phishing Attack? An In-Depth Discussion 

    Phishing scam essentially happens to be a thriving branch of cybercrime. As mentioned once in the blog already, Phishing always focuses primarily on targeting users by using the modes of emails, phone calls, messages, and tend to lure the individuals into believing in their supposed authenticity. This is a dangerous process because it substantially gives away all the private information in concern, starting from essential monetary details to other personal details, which concern passwords. The information hacked by a phishing attack is then used to access important accounts and can result in identity theft and financial loss. To make it more simple, as we have mentioned already that Amorblox researchers have lately brought to the fore a substantially workable phishing campaign that popularly aims at focusing on Netflix users. Netflix phishing attacks happen to be what the technical world refers to as ‘multi-pronged’. This phishing attack in concern always commences with emails that call themselves to be representative of Netflix support.

    Did You Know?

    When it comes to Phishing, did you know that the aforementioned emails have an innate propensity to threaten users? You may now wonder about what threat can possibly these emails posit? We’ll, the concerned threats are always about compelling the users to typical revert within the span of 24 hours. The times a user fails to revert in the given time, the threat further articulates that their given accounts which they access will be taken down.  This leads them to a lot of phishing Scams, which need to be prevented.

    What are the Reasons These Threats Cite?

    What are the reasons that they generally provide with? We’ll, these emails always tend to make a relation of the same with a failure with regard to making payments for all the concerned services that one avails. You must keep in mind that there is a solution to this. In most cases, emails of this kind are generally prevented from harming by the meticulous installation of anti-phishing filters. However, Armorblox has very successfully discovered that the concerned links that appear in the given emails are made to look legitimate. This is one of the biggest reasons all the anti-phishing filters get extremely confused, leading to further problems.  In the phishing scam market, All these concerned links have a tendency to inevitably redirect themselves towards the given, authorized domains that also involve domains such as, which comes with a direct CAPTCHA that is always functioning. Be it Netflix phishing, Amazon Phishing, remember that it is always the most important to report Phishing.

    What you should remember About CAPTCHA:

    You must remember that any given CAPTCHA, once done with the process of completion, tends to redirect the users to a Netflix page copy that appears to be really legitimate, hosted by a further legitimate domain, take for an example ( If you are still wondering about what is the number of factors that make Netflix phishing attacks extremely powerful, you have your answer right here? It is essential that you report any kind of Phishing, remember, if you don’t report Phishing, you will be unable to prevent yourself.

    3 things that you can do to Save Yourself from Phishing Attacks:

    1. Remember the strength of Spam filters:

    It is imperative that you remember that it can be a possibility, of course, that spam filters function brilliantly when it comes to minimizing most of the phishing scams, it most definitely not completely effective and still leaves room for undue Phishing attacks that can substantially take away your data, and harm your privacy. It is essential to minimize Phishing attacks by both taking preventive measures and remember to report Phishing.

    2.   Hackers know it all About CAPTCHA and Confuse the Victims:

    Do you know that most of the fraud cases that have taken place using this medium, and poser phishing attacks have primarily been successful? All the CAPTCHA pages have largely tricked the victims into believing in how legitimate they are. What can you do to avoid this hassle? You can simply avoid believing that anything which has a CAPTCHA page attached will invariably be authentic. That is not how it always happens! We hope you will be careful from now on. This can be a very helpful way to prevent yourself from being affected by Netflix phishing, Amazon Phishing, or any other Phishing scam, for that matter.

    3.   Be Very Careful of Fake Sites:

    Now that you know what is Phishing? You should always be very, very careful of the red flags. However, how must you be aware of these red flags, and how do you identify them and stay away from them? All the Netflix phishing attacks keep attached a phishing URL which invariably possesses a legitimate-looking URL. Whenever it happens that you come across anything as such, please remember to ignore the same and certainly don’t consider it genuine. It is essential that you take care of your own safety. If you don’t, who will?


    In this blog, we tried to provide you with an overall idea about what is Phishing. Once you know what is Phishing, you need to be careful about identifying the red flags like we recommended, and report Phishing. We hope you deal with phishing carefully, and don’t fall victim to phishing attacks anymore. Good luck!