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Mobile Cloud Computing Making It Easier For Us- But How?

    Mobile cloud computing

    We, humans, are never ever happy with what we have. We always thrive on something better. But that works in favor of us most of the time. For instance, we created and gave shape to the concept of clouds. We could then firstly store our data is secured and physically isolated locations and on top of it all even access them from anywhere in the world as long as we have an internet connection. But we wanted the system to be better still. So now we have invented for ourselves a system of device cloud networks that would let you access your data from that mobile phone in the grip of your five fingers. Let us take you a bit deeper into the topic now, then.

    What Is Mobile Cloud Computing?

    The best way to learn about and understand something is to start with the basics. In this case, it is about answering the fundamental question of what mobile cloud computing is.

    Even the smallest of the things that exist around us have different names. Two words that seem to be poles apart, could not be so different with regards to the meaning that they hold. For instance, the mobile cloud could sound like an entirely new term. But it really is quite the same as the cloud we usually use. Mobile clouds simply imply that our cloud accounts can now be accessed from our mobiles only.

    By the process of mobile computing, you can access, transfer, or use data that is stored in your cloud account. No need to even walk up to your desktop or pull out your laptop either! It does not have to be just your mobile though, just because that is a term from the name of the said system. The term “mobile” is used herein in a general sense whose meaning can be furthered to everything starting from tablets to iPads.

    How does a mobile cloud computing system work?

    The mobile cloud computing architecture is a pretty simple one. When laid down properly it has a rather straightforward pattern. It is built up of three tiers with very specific jobs assigned to them. The entire functioning of the system of the mobile cloud is governed by this three-layered structure of the system. Let us see what these tiers are.

    Presentation tier

    This consists of the user interface. The presentation tier lets the user reach out to the data that they had stored in their cloud account. This acts as a middleman between the arrangement of networks that govern a cloud-based system and the user.

    Application tier

    This is where the main work of transaction is done. It looks after the fact that all users can access their stored data without any obstacles. This tier ensures the smooth functioning of the server and regulates asynchronous queuing to the server in order to access saved information.


    This tier is what is the most fundamental to the functioning of the system of mobile computing. It looks after and ensures safe and secured storage of the data that you produce. It sees to the fact that whatever data the users desire, is provided to them then and there.

    What are the advantages of mobile cloud computing?

    Cloud computing in itself had changed a lot at how we used to look at saving our data online. Mobile computing has furthered the benefits that cloud computing had introduced. To give you a better idea as to how mobile computing makes our life easier than it already was, we have listed down below some of the major merits that the system offers its users.

    Flexibility of location

    The best part about using mobile cloud computing is that you could be lying on your bed or walking by the seashore of some beach in Goa, and you could still access all your personal files. It is like carrying around a suitcase filled with your personal documents, treasured photographs, and so many more things, just minus the weight of it all.

    Easy and fast access

    Provided you have a good enough internet connection, accessing all those data would be a piece of cake for you. All you have to do would be to log into your account and reach out to the information you were looking for.

    Better productivity

    Since you can work from anywhere, it increases your work productivity too. You can now reach out to your most important documents as well from your comfort zone only. So bye-bye sitting on that stiff chair for hours!

    The true benefits of a certain system can only be perceived when you become a part of it. And believe us when we say, becoming a part of the device clouds network would totally be worth your while.