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Lead Generation Using AI: Make Your Business a Success and Here’s how!

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    Okay, we don’t want you to freak out but the robots are garnering for an uprise in power. Just kidding! There are just stories about robots in the future that will be smarter, faster, and stronger than the human race. Social media has over 30,000 bots and those are only numbers from Facebook and Kik. AI isn’t new technology but in the context of business, it is almost new and growing fast. In this article, we are going to talk about lead generation using AI and the way it functions as a tool for marketing. Consumer targeted lead generation using AI is pretty common now if marketers want to know more about their demographics, prospects, and clients. The main market use case for AI is pretty obvious: automation. With general marketers’ roles being so multi-pronged: writing, researching, conducting outreach, event planning, and more, automation is more than welcome in the current market.

    Lead generation using AI brings more information than any other forms of marketing methods. It has been proven that b2c lead generation using AI and b2b lead generation using AI has seen a rise in close rates for sales, increased revenue, traffic, and higher conversion. Now seeing this AI practically wins over all other “human forms of business management” and almost 80% of the industry believes that consumer-targeted lead generation using AI will bring a drastic change in the marketing industry in the years that follow by!

    So here’s how lead generation technology using AI will rule the marketing industry:

    1. Recognizing prospective leads: Finding leads on your own can be a cumbersome process, that is why many companies take up consumer-targeted lead generation using AI to make the process less labor-intensive to human beings. There are data science and machine learning platforms that can be used to find out consumer data by going through the internet looking for particular people, companies, or products that might have existing client lists that can be used by their in-house sales/marketing teams as the first point of contact. Certain AI-based platforms automate the lead development of new business relationships.
    2. Produce lead insights and data-based abilities: Generating insights into your leads is a task that marketers must do to properly and seamlessly engage. Instead of making humans do that type of labor marketers have started using AI for lead generation for insights. Organizations can develop lead profiles based on data features and parts, such as a lead’s online presence (i.e. social media, purchase history, most visited websites, and more).
    3. Giving personalized experiences to prospective leads: It doesn’t come off as a surprise that salespeople aren’t trustworthy. In the same way, very few people trust marketers. The ads and campaigns seem like old wine in a new bottle and to be honest they just seem like a sad cry to buy products that are being advertised. When lead generation using AI is done marketers get a close look at what the clients want or would prefer to see in their ads. That when they can produce ads which have a human touch to them which can reflect upon the prospective’s own experiences. That way b2c lead generation using AI is also done and that helps take the marketers’ personalization to the next level.
    4. Providing follow-ups to bar leads from going radio silent: A lot of times people make the mistake of completely ignoring the part of following up with their leads. Just like in your personal life you may feel texting more than once may be considered as spamming, it’s the same way marketers think too. And that leads to clients almost losing interest in the business. However, marketers cannot rely on sales or marketing teams to have the reach to follow up with leads. That’s when emails, live chats, and text messages are used to reconnect with disengaged audiences.

    Social media teams are usually pretty small and therefore cannot compete with the bandwidth that is required to generate leads so to do b2b lead generation using AI and b2c lead generation using AI is easier than the latter. AI helps brands adjust social works by going through spam and outsourcing some easy customer service questions to chatbots. That results in social media teams devoting more time to getting and taking care of prospective clients that can be most likely to convert all thanks to lead generation using AI. To make sure that your ads can meet the ever-changing needs of your client base, AI-powered automation is helpful when it comes to planning the content, and allowing the teams to generate and develop content most useful to customers in different stages of their purchase journey.

    Consumers are a whole bunch of people who live their lives completely being dependent on digitization. But they also love the human touch. Many brands and companies, therefore, go for b2c lead generation using AI because customers want engagement of some kind. Therefore, lead generation using AI can give marketers the required time and resources to deliver the service. Besides, to boost your lead generation efforts, it takes up for b2c and b2b brands for AI is starting to be table stakes. Marketers surely use AI in a variety of ways and as AI has started to boom in the industry marketers are doing thorough research to use it in various ways to improve marketing. AI that is powered with social media can take businesses up to a high that normally a team of humans cannot. Using AI for lead generation has proven successful and less cumbersome for the same human team because that only leaves them with content generation. You will get a clear picture of what your company’s lead or targets are. Companies need social media and artificial intelligence to grow. Gone are the days when television, print, or radio ads would do the trick and get consumers to buy anything. Now, people are getting smarter with the convergence of media, and lead generation using AI is going to help the same companies understand what the current population wants. Consumer targeted lead generation using AI is a successful way of advertising as it provides a good insight into prospects and clients. And this is just the beginning, lead generation technology using AI is still in its early stages and we have no idea what else it may be capable of doing. People who have adapted to the convergence of media and business are just finding out a way to keep up and AI has helped them in numerous to keep the ship of the ventures atop deep waters!