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How to get cloud computing certification from Google?

    cloud computing

    You cannot pursue any piece of your job without actually learning it properly first. If we take cloud computing, for instance, it might sound quite easy as a concept. But only when you try and pursue it professionally, will you be able to understand the subtleties of the system. The next natural question that might have risen in your mind is that then how are you to understand whether or not you are qualified enough to engage in serious jobs of cloud computing? 

    Many such courses will help you to get an idea about the same. Google cloud computing certification is one of the best amongst them. That is also our topic of discussion today. If you are interested to know more about it then you are already in the right place. All you have left to do is to start scrolling. 

    What is cloud computing certification?

    Cloud computing certification is a course that will help you to understand where exactly you stand with your knowledge of cloud computing. There are various organizations and institutions from where you can pursue this course. There are even different courses that you can pursue. There are different certifications that you can gain regarding cloud computing. It is a vast field. You can pursue the certification regarding any of the aspects of cloud computing. For instance, cloud computing security is one of the best courses that you could pursue, that would help you to build a career in cloud technology, be it as a security administrator, or as an enterprise architect.

    Which cloud certification should you pursue? 

    Every organization has a range of cloud certification courses that you could pursue. Some of the top choices would include Microsoft, AWS, and Google. 

    All of these cloud platforms have their courses regarding an associate’s or a professional’s certificate. You can choose whichever suits you the best. 

    If you are not much of a risk-taker though, we would suggest going with Google cloud computing certification, because for obvious reasons. However, it is always a good option to browse all your choices and choose the best that suits your career.

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    Why Google cloud computing certification?

    Since we have already stated that there are many more cloud certifications that you could obtain, it is only natural for you to think whether Google cloud certification should be your number one choice. 

    Well, of course, you could try other organizations but Google with its reputation and popular city in the sector of cloud computing can give you a back up which would be difficult to secure otherwise.

    Another reason why Google cloud computing certification is something preferred by most people is because of the price. It has a relatively lower price than what some other organizations could charge you. The certification would cost about $125 for an associate certificate and about $200 for a professional certificate, and that’s all.

    How to get Google certification in cloud computing?

    Like all other certifications, cloud certifications also require you to pass a certain test. Taking a test under the platform of Google is not a piece of cake. Here are some of the steps that you should take to prepare for the test. 

    1. First off on cloud Academy select the learning path most relevant to your career choice. Seven different such paths cover all the things that you would need to know regarding each of the certification areas. These learning paths would not only comprise of the courses but also information about the labs and exams that you would require to take to receive the certificate.
    2. The lab options would help you gain practical knowledge as well. You would get to experience hands-on practice sessions on the Google cloud platform.
    3. In the exam guide provided to you review that whether or not you have it all covered. Make sure to not have any knowledge gaps before the test.
    4. Last but not least take a practice exam. Google will have different practice exams for the different learning paths, such as cloud architect practice exams and so on. 

    Once you clear the examination, you will get a result declaring that you have passed idiot your result will contain information only about you passing or failing the certification examination with the words “pass” or “fail” mentioned and nothing more. If you do not clear the examination on the first attempt you are allowed to take it after 14 days again. Upon your failure on the second attempt, you would have to wait about 60 days before you can take the exam again.

    On passing, you would get a certificate from the Google cloud computing platform. You could thereafter provide the same on your resumes!