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Go Green with Green Cloud Computing

    Go green with green cloud computing

    The world of the internet is an ever-evolving one. It experiences a greater number of inclusions of concepts and words (to describe them) almost on a daily basis than Shakespeare had contributed to the English dictionary throughout his lifetime. One such concept that has emerged in recent times is using data stored in servers in an energy-efficient manner. The word used to describe it? Yes! You guessed it right! It is green cloud computing. But of course, we do not expect you to fully understand the topic just yet. For that we have prepared for you a compact guide, answering some of the basic questions that could be coming to your mind at the moment.

    What Is Green Cloud Computing?

    Most of us dealing with computers and other such devices have a basic idea of what a cloud is. It is a server where we can store all of our information and be absolutely sure that our personal information is stored safely in a physically isolated place. The same can again be accessed from anywhere in the world with internet access.

    Now the question arises what is a green cloud? It is simpler than you think really. This term is used to refer to the various environmental benefits that the World Wide Web offers to society. Needless to say, such an approach is quite important provided the decline that our Earth’s environment has been facing lately.

    Now, using this people can get involved with different environment-benefiting activities across the world. This act of using the information saved in the green cloud to get on board with the different environment-saving activities going on around the world is called cloud computing.

    What Are The Main Goals Of Green Cloud Computing?

    The main goal of the green computing model is to save our degrading environment. It is a constant reminder for us that computers have way better forms of usage than what we usually engage ourselves in. To ensure your better understanding of the topic, let us take a look at some of the agendas that green cloud computing could help you get on board with.

    1. It aims towards a more energy-efficient environment. This involves maximum usage of a particular item during its lifetime.
    2. It encourages reduced use of hazardous items and recycling as many items of daily use as possible.
    3. While using green cloud computing you will also notice how it advocates the usage of biodegradable items (they are easy to recycle too!).
    4. All of the above would eventually lead to the economic viability of the society.
    5. Green cloud computing also aims at increasing the use of more energy-efficient computers in the times to come.

    What Are The Advantages Of Green Cloud Computing?

    Almost all of us take part in conversations regarding environmental degradation daily. But only a few of us truly understand how horrifying the present situation of our environment is. Green cloud computing helps to not only throw light on the matters but also provide different ways to save the environment that are fundamental to the same as well.

    Energy efficiency

    The very concept of indulging in the use of a cloud is that a wide range of information can be stored in a single server which is situated in a physically remote location. This quite naturally means that the number of local servers goes down drastically.

    A lower number of local servers would in turn result in a more energy-efficient system of network. Providing information to and retrieving the same from 10 servers would take up a lot of our existing resources. It is therefore a way better alternative to maintain one server than to maintain so many more.

    Cost efficiency

    This is like another side of the coin of energy efficiency. A fewer number of local servers would also imply that you would not have to maintain so many servers either.

    Provided that economic viability is one of the aims of green cloud computing, reduced maintenance costs surely is one of the major advantages in this case. In this case, you can access a range of information from a single server sitting at the same place.

    Decreased environmental footprint

    The best part of using cloud accounts is that you can access them from anywhere. This benefits Mother Nature in such a simple but massive way. You might not have even thought about it this way until now.

    The fact that users can access their cloud accounts from anywhere means that they would not have to use the different kinds of commutes that much. This would in turn lead to reduced consumption of fuel stocks. This in turn would result in reduced levels of pollutions. What could be better for our environment than this?!

    Green cloud computing of course like all other things is not devoid of certain demerits. However, its advantages overshadow its disadvantages. You can help to further this system of cloud computing by engaging in transactions with companies who are committed to environmentally commit.