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Cloud Computing Platforms- What Are They And How Do They Benefit Us?

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    If you have ever felt thankful as you scrolled through a valuable piece of data that you required on an urgent basis at that time, then you owe that thanks to a cloud computing platform. If you have ever felt thankful for how professionally well-maintained your cloud account was, then you owe that thanks to a cloud computing platform. What are these cloud computing platforms though? It is just as the name suggests. They are the companies that look after the proper functioning of your as well as so many others’ cloud accounts. Allow us to take you a bit deeper into the topic and have a proper look at exactly is the work of these companies and who are the front runners at the time.

    What Are Cloud Computing Platforms?

    The concept of maintaining cloud-based systems without a doubt was a major breakthrough in the field of technology. But the system managed to stay in function up till now because of the companies that have taken care of the system, acting as the conservator of the relationship between the main server and the users.

    These companies collectively are called cloud computing platforms. All of them have different modes of operation, sure. But their aim is singular- keeping the authenticity and security of the data of the users absolutely unharmed.

    In today’s times, the cloud computing platforms list is increasing at a fast pace. Therefore you need to be extremely cautious while choosing which one to go with, as opting for the wrong choice here could prove to be more damaging to your data than you could perceive at the moment. But we are here to make your job easier- the next segment tells you how!

    Top Cloud Companies to Trust At The Moment

    We know exactly what is going on in your mind. Options are good. But when they become too many, the process of concluding upon that one right choice becomes annoyingly confusing. That is exactly what has happened in this case. There are so many choices when it comes to picking one cloud service provider, you are bound to get confused. To help you out we have listed the top three dependable cloud service providers right now and the market.

    Google Cloud Platform

    The first choice would have to be the Google cloud platform. Google extends its public cloud computing solutions under the name of GCP or Google cloud platform. Be it storage, networking, or computing your data, GCP is always at your service.

    Furthermore, it also provides you with tools for the benefit of your cloud security, management, and development. Its dynamic storage solution offers the users weight an ever-evolving and elastic database storage.

    Microsoft Azure

    Formerly known as Windows Azure, Microsoft Azure is another cloud computing service that you could depend upon. One of the most popular Cloud computing and cloud-based platforms, Microsoft Azure is known for the maximum security levels that it provides its users with.

    Applications provided by this platform also include the development and management of services and applications. They have a pretty smooth functioning system and look after the fact that their users are never kept waiting.

    Digital Ocean

    Another lesser-known but properly functional cloud computing platform would be the digital ocean. It is a competitively newer cloud hosting American company whose first server was launched in 2011. From that small start-up in New York City to a world-renowned cloud service provider today, it has surely come a long way, and not without good reasons.

    Two of the former cloud service providers that have been listed above are without a doubt one of the most reliable companies out there. But Digital Ocean is known for its user-friendly infrastructure and interface. It has a pocket-friendly payment structure and is extremely conscious of the security of the data of its users.


    Now that you have an idea of the top cloud companies out there, you are free to make your own decision. We would not urge you to stick to the list that we have provided either. But one thing should never slip your mind. There is no problem with shuffling through new options. But before you conclude upon an option, make sure that you have gone through almost every review that is out there about the company. After all, it is your data and personal information that we are talking about here. You surely would not want to take a risk with that now, would you?!