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Cloud Audit- Providing the Best for the Customers

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    The commercial market is all about customer satisfaction. No matter how much effort you put into your business unless you provide services that the customers need, and as they need them, you will never be able to make yourself a secure position in the market. Therefore, betting your services to meet the demands of the customers is a very important aspect of a good business. But how will you know if you are on the right track? That is where the role of  comes into play. Cloud audit is like a report of your services and whether they are being maintained and deployed properly. Sounds like something that you could benefit from? Then keep scrolling.

    What is a cloud audit?  

    With the increasing pace of our lives taking a toll on us, we are always in search of ways to make work easier for us in various ways. That is why today many enterprises are shifting their manual system to cloud-based ones. This ensures better security of the data stored on the cloud and since the information is going to be stored in a physically isolated server, cloud storages also ensure better protection of the data in case of some physical calamity at the workplace. 

    But cloud storages still require a minimum of management and supervision. You need to make sure that the data stored is by what the public need and the services are getting distributed properly. However, cloud compliance is a task that is next to impossible for a human to monitor manually all the time. 

    That is when cloud audit comes to the rescue. Cloud audit is a presentation of what data you have in store, how they are getting deployed, and so on. Audits in cloud computing, therefore, are a great way to get a grasp on whether you are on the right track, what are the things that you could do to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, and what are some of the things that could be restraining the growth of your firm. 

    Cloud audits- things to keep in mind

    Traditional audits were a lot simpler than cloud audits because, in the case of cloud storage, they can be accessed by almost every other person in an enterprise and sometimes even customers. Scaling that data, maintaining its integrity, and ensuring their proper deployment is not so easy when so many external forces take part in the same. In a gist, while cloud auditing calls for a more efficient work environment, it also poses a lot more challenges. These are some of the challenges you need to consider before you jump into a cloud-based audit system.

    1. Transparency and security

    You need to understand that transparency and security go hand in hand in a cloud-based environment. While all data must be accessible to the employees so that they can access them even from outside the organization (such as say from business trips) and also the clients, the data must also be protected from the grasps of hackersCloud security audit is tricky terrain, then!

    2. Encryption

    This is sort of the other side of the former point. You could easily encrypt the portion of the data that is delicate enough to require security. However, by doing so, chances are you could disrupt the balance in the cloud environment. Imposing encryption on one portion of the data and leaving the other areas as it is, could cause severe damage to the entire cloud environment.

    3.Too many elements

    Even though the major benefit of cloud storage is that they integrate all the data that an enterprise can be needed in one place, this too has a downside to it. Too much data implies that there are all sorts of data stored on cloud storage. Data of all the branches and departments of the organization would be stored there. Auditing all of them separately of course would not be a piece of cake.

    After going through the challenges it is natural if you are thinking “is cloud auditing, not a good idea?” However, there is a subtle difference between the challenges of implementing a particular system and the disadvantages of the same. What you read above were not the disadvantages, but the challenges that you might face along the way, which you will have to overcome.

    The only way to ensure smooth functioning and absolute utilization of the system of cloud audit is to employ professionals who have enough knowledge about IT and will be able to guide your enterprise well. Only then will you be able to avail the benefits of cloud auditing to the maximum level- provide your customers with the best service, keeping up with their changing demands and keep a track of your firm’s existing resources.