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Blockchain Technology – What Are The Rising Career Options?

    blockchain technology

    The basic aim of technology is to make life easier and simpler for us. The world of technology is therefore always busy providing new and better ways that will help us sail through the stormy Internet world in a much safer manner. Blockchain technology is one such Boon of the world of the web. Now whenever a new technology makes its appearance, it brings with it an opportunity of employment as skilled Labour is needed to look after the function of the technology in context. Here, we are going to take a look at some of the job opportunities that blockchain technology brings with itself. Let’s start with what is blockchain technology. Start scrolling!

    What is blockchain technology? 

    The managing director at Deloitte, David Schatsky, describes Blockchain as a digitally distributed ledger that deals with the daily transactions of the decentralized database, and maintains the same in real-time throughout all the computers that exist in the network. He further clarifies that all of the information that is added to the ledger must be first cryptographically validated and that is also why the system of Blockchain eliminates any need for a central authority that would approve the transactions.

    The above did not clear it up for you, did it? Let’s discuss it in simpler terms then. Blockchain refers to a system that allows you to record data in a manner that renders it difficult to be hacked, a common threat of the online world. It can be described as a digital ledger that keeps track of all the transactions and is distributed throughout the system of computers present in that particular blockchain. 

    The name given to the technology speaks volumes about the actual technology. The name signifies that a blockchain is a chain that is made up of smaller blocks. Now, when one of the blocks is tampered with, it automatically affects the entire chain thereby sending a signal that something is wrong. Changing every one of these blocks in a chain, and that’s true throughout all the different and distributed versions of the same, would indeed be a tedious job for a hacker, thereby ensuring maximum security of the system.

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    The potential employers of the blockchain industry

    You see, there have been numerous attempts to develop an online currency that was safe from the fangs of hackers. Blockchain technology offers a ray of hope in this regard. But who would be your potential employers in this case? We provide you a list that might give you an idea about the doors that you need to knock.

    1. First off any big company, be it accountancy firms, insurance companies, or any other such officers, which is aiming to build itself a technologically advanced infrastructure would need a good blockchain developer and expert. 
    2. Independent businesses would also like to indulge in the blockchain system to protect their data.
    3. Tech firms obviously word be one of the top employers in this sector. These firms would be the most affected as the blockchain of technology brings to the table a decentralized sister, something entirely different from what the tech firms were used to up till now. They could use the expertise that you might be able to offer them. 
    4. Blockchain experts would also be in high demand in the government sectors. Many governments worldwide are shifting their system to a decentralized one, and therefore required the help of blockchain professionals.

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    Tips to become an efficient blockchain expert

    Blockchain technology companies are sure to provide a lot of job opportunities shortly. You can be a blockchain developer, a solution architect, a quality engineer, a project manager, and many other things. But would you be good enough for your employers to look at you and think “yes, I can hire this person!”? Well here are some tips that will help you become good enough for that! 

    1. No one will hire someone without proper qualifications. So first of all you need to sign yourself up for a blockchain course and get yourself a certificate.
      You need to properly understand decentralized systems and standards. 
    2. Always remember, a good foundation can take you a long way.
    1. Next, you need to learn about enterprise businesses, especially how the enterprise you want to work for functions and goes about its business schemes. 

    To conclude, we would like to remind you that no success comes overnight. You have a long we ahead of you. Well, but, the starting salary of even a newbie blockchain expert is around $60K, so the trouble would be pretty much worth it! What say?!