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AI In Cloud Innovation

    AI in cloud innovation

    Artificial intelligence is an idea that suffers mixed feedback. While many people feel that the introduction of artificial intelligence in various sectors of employment will only better the efficiency and productivity of the same. That is a topic worthy of a debate. Today, we are going to talk about the implementation of artificial intelligence in the world of cloud technology. Is AI in Cloud a good option? What are the benefits that artificial intelligence may provide upon its introduction in the different cloud architectures? If these are some of the questions that are storming through your mind right now, then you are at the right place on the Internet. We have got it all answered just a few scrolls down. Let’s start with the basics first.

    What is artificial intelligence?

    Artificial intelligence is a kind of simulated intelligence in different devices. This technology uses human-like intelligence and implements the same on the jobs assigned to it. Artificial intelligence, therefore, implies simulated human intelligence.

    Under artificial intelligence, machines are programmed to think like humans, learn from past activities, and reason on their own too. 

    What is the cloud?

    Cloud refers to the data storage servers that remain in physically remote locations and can be accessed through the Internet. Clouds free the companies and users from having to maintain physical storage is anymore.

    Cloud computing also no longer requires multiple local servers. All of the information now remain stored in those physically isolated servers only which can be accessed by clients whenever and from wherever they require it.

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    Is artificial intelligence in cloud a good option? 

    Artificial intelligence and cloud computing blend in perfectly well. Experts believe that cloud computing intelligence can revolutionize cloud computing solutions forever. Artificial intelligence would not only better the current cloud computing solutions, but could also devise newer solutions. 

    So yes, cloud artificial intelligence, is indeed a good idea to go with. Here are some of the benefits that could come from such integration.

    1. Cloud applications are available throughout the Internet, and therefore absolutely do away with any expenses of on-site hardware and their setup. And also eliminate expenses of onsite data centers by eliminating onsite data centers themselves, as now all of the data can be accessed provided you have good connectivity.
    2. Local storage or a hard drive requires a variety of IT management chores including software patching, hardware setup, and so on. Cloud computing does away with all that, and when blended with artificial intelligence, it also does away with the need for people to manage those chores. The Steam can therefore focus completely and solely on the other goals and agendas of the business.
    3. A system that is based on artificial intelligence and makes use of cloud storage is highly reliable as well. Errors are brought down to the minimum, almost nil, and it does away with risks such as lost files or backup failures.
    4. Such a system improves business continuity and ensures the efficient working of the entire firm. Disaster management and data recovery become simpler processes to perform.

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    What are the results so far?

    The field of technology is no stranger to excellent ideas which remain just a theory and lack application because of the absence of an infrastructure. Artificial intelligence in cloud computing however is not such a concept. Artificial infrastructure for cloud computing is something that has already caught on and a concept that already has shown some results.

    Machine learning models can be generated you compute huge amounts of data following a certain algorithm. These models can learn from the set patterns and provide the outcome that we desire. Machine learning models that are used for identifying tumors come on, for instance, are a good example of the blend of artificial intelligence in cloud computing that is already commercially in use.

    AI cloud computing can also be enjoyed in the absence of a unique machine learning model. For instance, text analytics often use such services for cloud computing by making generic services provided by the AI systems. Even if these services are not tailored to fit specific purposes, cloud computing vendors make sure that they are constantly on the journey of improvement. 

    Now that you have gone through it all, an important question that might have arisen in your mind is that is this all not costly? Well, yes, imbibing artificial intelligence in cloud computing can be quite costly at times. Many organizations might not be able to afford the same right now. However, that does not nullify any of the benefits of such a system. It just means that it is going to take a bit more time for all of us to enjoy the above-mentioned perks. Much like the computer, when it was first invented.