AI & Cloud Innovation Expo

Showcase of AI & Cloud Business Trends

Date & Time: 6th May – 7th May 2021 | 10:00 AM to 18:00 PM EST | Venue: New York (Virtual Mode)


Welcome to World’s 1st AI & Cloud Innovation Expo

AI & Cloud Innovation Expo is going to be a platform of strategies and forward-looking technologies from the world of Cloud Computing & Artificial Intelligence. The expo provides an outstanding opportunity to discover the logical and effective application of Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Computing to move your business ahead in 2021 and beyond.

It is expected that more than 9,000 attendees will be there for the event including developers, designers, IT decision-makers, principal data officers, innovation heads, brand managers, principal data scientists, start-ups, data analysts, venture capitalists, tech support providers, and others.

This expo will congregate market stalwarts, next-gen brands, Cloud & AI evangelists, and dynamic start-ups to discover and discuss the progress achieved in Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Computing, the influences on Customer & Enterprise segments, and digital transformation prospects and development platforms.

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AI & Cloud in healthcare
AI & Cloud Healthcare
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Fabio Moioli

Head of Microsoft Consulting and Services

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Melissa Sassi

Melissa Sassi

IBM Z’s Chief Penguin

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Aaron Ralls

Aaron Ralls

Chief Technology Penguin at IBM

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Boris Debić

Google’s Chief History Officer emeritus

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Helen Yu

Board Director | Fortune 500 Advisor| Top 50 Women in Tech and IBM Top 10 Global Thought Leader in Digital Transformation

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Mario Herger

Technology Trend Researcher & Speaker at Harley – Davidson, Daimler, Porsche, man, TEDx San Francisco

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Shirly Valge

COO of Velas Network AG 

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Lital Marom

Founder & CEO of UNFOLD + The Academy of Tomorrow.

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Elizabeth Bachrad

Chief Health Strategist at Syntropy

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Germaine Moody

Chairman & CEO, Moody Capital Partners

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Amber Vanderburg

Founder of The Pathwayz Group

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Ashley M. Williams

Founder and CEO of RIZZARR

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Jared Sheehan

Chief Executive Officer of  PwrdBy

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Alexandre Carmo

Director of International SAP Projects

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Sue Conder

Foundern of Conder & Company

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Fred - Web

Fred Pike

Managing Director and the GA/GTM Practice Lead at Northwoods

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Sharis Delgadillo

Sharis Delgadillo

Researcher for Selena Series: NETFLIX

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Luca Bozzato

Founder & CEO, Unico LinkedIn Trainer Certificato RC at Talent in Acquisition

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AI Cloud Innovations primarily works on the following technological domains: Deep Learning, Business Intelligence, AI Algorithms, Machine Learning Virtual Assistants, and Chatbots Data and Analytics.

Our services cater to the needs of startups, AI and Big Data evangelists, market stalwarts, and forward-looking brands. The constant endeavor of AI Cloud Innovations is to explore the developments of AI and Big Data. We also search for digital transformation opportunities for various development platforms. We depend on case study-oriented presentations to work on various projects and serve our clients. 

By joining this expo, participants will be able to

  • Get a sufficient number of qualified leads
  • Network with the right clients
  • Network  with the right partners
  • Connect with the right project executives, project managers, and CTOs

Join this Expo to grow your business in 2021 onwards by understanding

  • AI in Marketing
  • AI in lead generation
  • AI for Entrepreneurs
  • Rules for Adopting AI & Cloud In Business
  • Real estate business and AI

Besides, you will understand:

  • How Artificial intelligence is changing customer relationship management systems
  • E-commerce and digital transformation through AI and Cloud.
  • How Artificial Intelligence might be applied in the future.
  • What Artificial Intelligence Means for the workers
  • How AI & Cloud Computing offers a cheaper, more flexible, and more efficient means to handle corporate IT expenditure.

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AI Cloud Innovations primarily works on the following technological domains: Deep Learning, Business Intelligence, AI Algorithms,Machine Learning Virtual Assistants and Chatbots Data and Analytics

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