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AI & Cloud Innovation Expo

Date & Time: 14th July -15th July 2021 | 10:00 AM to 18:00 PM EST | Venue: New York (Virtual Mode)


Welcome to World’s First AI & Cloud Innovation Expo

AI & Cloud Innovation Expo is going to be a platform of strategies and forward-looking technologies from the world of Cloud Computing & Artificial Intelligence. The expo provides an outstanding opportunity to discover the logical and effective application of Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Computing to move your business ahead in 2021 and beyond.

It is expected that more than 9,000 attendees will be there for the event including developers, designers, IT decision-makers, principal data officers, innovation heads, brand managers, principal data scientists, start-ups, data analysts, venture capitalists, tech support providers, and others.

This expo will congregate market stalwarts, next-gen brands, Cloud & AI evangelists, and dynamic start-ups to discover and discuss the progress achieved in Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Computing, the influences on Customer & Enterprise segments, and digital transformation prospects and development platforms.


Fabio Moioli

Head of Microsoft Consulting and Services

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Melissa Sassi

Melissa Sassi

IBM Z’s Chief Penguin

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Aaron Ralls

Aaron Ralls

Chief Technology Penguin at IBM

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Boris Debić

Google’s Chief History Officer emeritus

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Helen Yu

Board Director | Fortune 500 Advisor| Top 50 Women in Tech and IBM Top 10 Global Thought Leader in Digital Transformation

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Mario Herger

Technology Trend Researcher & Speaker at Harley – Davidson, Daimler, Porsche, man, TEDx San Francisco

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Shirly Valge

COO of Velas Network AG 

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Lital Marom

Founder & CEO of UNFOLD + The Academy of Tomorrow.

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Elizabeth Bachrad

Chief Health Strategist at Syntropy

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Germaine Moody

Chairman & CEO, Moody Capital Partners

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Amber Vanderburg

Founder of The Pathwayz Group

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Ashley M. Williams

Founder and CEO of RIZZARR

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Jared Sheehan

Chief Executive Officer of  PwrdBy

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Alexandre Carmo

Director of International SAP Projects

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Dylan Piatti

MD Africa: AGI |
Board Director: Ital-SA Chamber Commerce | Ex Chair Ecomm Forum Africa | Futurist

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Fred - Web

Fred Pike

Managing Director and the GA/GTM Practice Lead at Northwoods

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Sharis Delgadillo

Sharis Delgadillo

Researcher for Selena Series: NETFLIX

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Luca Bozzato

Founder & CEO, Unico LinkedIn Trainer Certificato RC at Talent in Acquisition

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AI & Cloud Expo Tracks

Cloud Tracks

Cloud in Data storage and Backup applications
cloud in online games
Cloud in Online Games
Cloud in Social Networking Application
Cloud in Video Conferencing

AI Tracks

AI Tracks

AI in Healthcare
AI in Sports
AI in Software Industry
AI in Marketing


AI Cloud Innovations primarily works on the following technological domains: Deep Learning, Business Intelligence, AI Algorithms, Machine Learning Virtual Assistants, and Chatbots Data and Analytics.

Our services cater to the needs of startups, AI and Big Data evangelists, market stalwarts, and forward-looking brands. The constant endeavor of AI Cloud Innovations is to explore the developments of AI and Big Data. We also search for digital transformation opportunities for various development platforms. We depend on case study-oriented presentations to work on various projects and serve our clients. 

By joining this expo, participants will be able to

  • Get a sufficient number of qualified leads
  • Network with the right clients
  • Network  with the right partners
  • Connect with the right project executives, project managers, and CTOs

Join this Expo to grow your business in 2021 onwards by understanding

  • AI in Marketing
  • AI in lead generation
  • AI for Entrepreneurs
  • Rules for Adopting AI & Cloud In Business
  • Real estate business and AI

Besides, you will understand:

  • How Artificial intelligence is changing customer relationship management systems
  • E-commerce and digital transformation through AI and Cloud.
  • How Artificial Intelligence might be applied in the future.
  • What Artificial Intelligence Means for the workers
  • How AI & Cloud Computing offers a cheaper, more flexible, and more efficient means to handle corporate IT expenditure.

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AI Cloud Innovations primarily works on the following technological domains: Deep Learning, Business Intelligence, AI Algorithms,Machine Learning Virtual Assistants and Chatbots Data and Analytics

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Passionate about Artificial Intelligence… and even more about Human Intelligences, with 250.000+ followers on Linkedin & Twitter, where I mainly address opportunities and challenges raised by Artificial Intelligence and exponential technologies, including societal and ethical perspectives.

Consulting and Services Head at Microsoft, with 20+ years of general management experience in bringing innovation to diversified industries and markets.

Previously Vice President and Head of BU Telecom & Media at Capgemini, Associate at McKinsey, Account and Delivery Manager at Ericsson.

Major areas of expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Platforms, Transformational programs, Lean Operations, Product & Services Innovation (including Blockchain).

Faculty at Singularity University, Harvard BR, and Extended Faculty at MIP Politecnico di Milano and Luiss.

Board member of Italia4Blockchain (especially interested in Liquid democracy concepts)

A frequent speaker at business and technology conferences, as well as a TEDx speaker.

Sometimes referred to as one of the top Worldwide “influencers” on Artificial Intelligence (I don’t think this is true, but see anyway below for some of these lists & publications 🙂

M.Sc. Eng., M.E.E., M-MBA, PMI PMP, GMAT 750 – 99th percentile

Italian (native), English (fluent -TOEFL 290/300), Swedish (fluent), Spanish (proficient), German (basic)

As IBM Z’s Chief Penguin, Melissa created her own IBM penguin title and leads Student & Entrepreneur Experience worldwide at IBM.
She’s a Call for Code Judge focused on solving the world’s challenges via tech innovation.

Sassi has created a variety of flagship events during her tenure with IBM, including CodeTheCurve – a hackathon that made the homepage of UN News and for her efforts to fight back against COVID-19 through technology and data science. She also created the #Z4Good Ideathon that’s all about solving the world’s digital inclusion challenges through youth-led engagement. Lastly, she is the Executive Producer of The Human Code, an event she’s spearheading with celebrities such as Terence Lewis (Bollywood choreographer) where she brings poetry, storytelling, dance, and music together in an experiential, virtual event focused on inspiring greater diversity and inclusion in tech.

In her Entrepreneur Experience capacity, Melissa also created and leads IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator with 45 startups in her portfolio that will be growing to 100 early-stage startups by the end of 2021. She enables fintech, health tech, and insurtech startups to build and scale their solution with a lens on incorporating confidential computing via IBM’s Hyper Protect Services product portfolio.

Prior to IBM, Melissa was an energy and internet access impact investor at Microsoft and led Microsoft’s celebrity talent management, as well as creative agency management globally for its Empowering campaigns.

As Founder & CEO of MentorNations, Melissa created a youth-led digital skills movement teaching tens of thousands of youth to code in twelve countries. She’s Chair of IEEE’s Digital Intelligence Working Group & Founding Member of Coalition for Digital Intelligence with WEF, OECD, IEEE & DQ Institute. She holds several Board positions in digital inclusion nonprofits.
As a Ph.D. candidate, she researches the digital inclusion of underserved communities. She serves on a UN Round Table for the High-Level Panel for Digital Cooperation, chaired by Jack Ma and Melinda Gates with advisory leadership from Vint Cert – the Father of the Internet. Melissa is an avid speaker on digital skills and inclusion, tech entrepreneurship, community building, youth empowerment, imposter syndrome & personal branding


Bio Coming Soon

Bio Coming Soon

Helen Yu believes real growth thrives at the crossroads of #tech and #humanity. Ms. Yu has led multibillion-dollar revenue growth and profitability for pre-IPOs and Fortune 500 enterprises, including Oracle, Adobe, and Marketo. After watching many start-up technology founders rise and fail, Ms. Yu launched Tigon Advisory in 2017 as a growth accelerator. No stranger to tech, she has been named a Top 10 Global Influencer in Digital Transformation by IBM, Top 50 Women in Tech by Award Magazine, Top 35 Women in Finance by Onalytica; Global Cloud Top 15 Thought Leader, and Top 10 AI Thought Leader by Thinkers360. When not scaling Mount Everest or ice climbing glaciers,

Technology Trend Researcher and Author. Looking at the larger picture of how new technologies impact societies, humans, behaviors, and more. Hosting executives in Silicon Valley, helping them understand the Silicon Valley mindset and latest trends, guiding them through the network of innovators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and venture capitalists.

– Author of more than a dozen books. The most recent books are
“When Monkeys Teach Monkeys: How Artificial Intelligence Will Make Us More Human” (in German)
“Foresight Mindset: The Art and Science of Designing Your Future” (in German)
“Der letzte Führerscheinneuling…” | “The last driver’s license holder…” (in German and English)
“Das Silicon-Valley-Mindset” (in German)

– Keynote Speaker – Speaker at TEDxSanFrancisco and TEDxSalzburg, Forum Innovation, CIO Insight, PARC, GSummit, Cisco Social Media Days, IEEE, LAUX, Gamification World Asia, SBPM One, Enterprise Gamification Forum NYC, Social Business Summit Tel Aviv, and many more

– Senior leader with 20+ years of experience in corporate innovation in high-tech companies.
– Entrepreneur – Founder and CEO of;

Specialties: Innovation, foresight mindset, autonomous cars, electric vehicles, digital transformation, creativity techniques, Silicon Valley-mindset, artificial intelligence, intrapreneurship

Experienced Entrepreneurial and Sales Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the Crypto Industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Compliance, administrative and accounting tasks under Swiss and EU jurisdiction, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Investor relations, and Marketing/PR.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”—Alvin Toffler

She helps people understand the future so that they could develop a bolder vision for their potential.


Do you know how legacy brands need to disrupt themselves before someone else will?
Well, what we do at my innovation firm UNFOLD is help legacy brands understand how to use emerging technologies, new business models, and innovation sprints to future-proof their business.
Specializing in integrating the *platform business model*, digital ecosystem management, as well as understanding the application of artificial intelligence, blockchain, VR, etc.

She founded the Academy of Tomorrow to equip the next generation of leaders and innovators with the growth mindset and creative skillset to succeed in the future of work.

As an integrative health care design strategist, his passion is working in population health management across the business, education, and community initiatives. There’s tremendous power in leveraging human-centered design, behavior change, and social responsibility to create lasting positive change in policy and application for the health and wellbeing of populations. Specializations in:

・Design Thinking for Healthcare & Social Responsibility
・Health Promotion, Engagement & Literacy
・Lifestyle Medicine & Prevention
・Workplace Wellness Solutions
・Systems Redesign & Transformation Management

As part of his mission to pursue frameworks that promote health equity, he serve on the Global Wellness Institute’s Wellness at Work Initiative and as a thought leader in the Root Cause Think Tank, addressing inequities in the workplace impacting health outcomes.

Germaine Moody is a philanthropist, investor, serial entrepreneur, entertainment executive, and best-selling author, revered as a networking mogul and one of the most connected professionals in the world. He has produced and hosted events in more than 40 major cities across four countries and recognized as a top leader amongst event producers internationally in business and in Hollywood. He is a voting member for the Grammys, the International Fashion Film Awards, and the Advisory Panel for Bloomberg Insight Exchange. Through the developing Germaine Moody Foundation in 2021, he plans to use his time and influence to provide awareness and resources for Youth Entrepreneur Mentorship, Natural Disasters, Food Distribution, Books & Education, and The Arts. As an author, his book “50 Seeds of Greatness” is the largest global collaboration on any book in publishing history, with contributors from 106 countries, and his upcoming 2021 books include “5 Rules For Networking With Millionaires & Billionaires”, “The 40 Laws of Networking” and “Secrets, Strategies & Advantages of Successful People”.

Amber Vanderburg is a multi-award-winning international businessperson, keynote speaker, and founder of The Pathwayz Group. In 2016, she was the only female, only American, and only blonde Academy elite football coach for the Adidas Gameday Academy/Paris Saint Germain Academy in Bangalore, India.  Today, Amber works with international teams in an action-focused approach to guide teams to become more effective, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Ashley M. Williams is the leading Millennial and Gen Z content marketing strategist, spokesperson, consultant, and global speaker for brands that want to reach younger generations — helping brands to create the right content, craft the right messages, and produce transformational experiences. She’s excited to use her love of content creation to empower as well as to inspire Millennials and Gen Zers.

Ashley is the founder and CEO of RIZZARR, a tech-enabled content marketplace in which brands can find and work with Millennial and Gen Z content creators from around the world.

In addition to overseeing RIZZARR, Ashley moderates or speaks at gatherings around the world for entities such as the U.S. Department of State, in which she travels to speak at U.S. Embassies and consulates. She also hosts a video and podcast series called, The Ripple Effect of You.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Ashley was an award-winning journalist. She worked for NBC News, WBAL Radio, and USA TODAY. She graduated with honors from the University of Southern California, earning a B.A. in broadcast and digital journalism as well as minors in international relations and Spanish. Fun fact: Ashley was a collegiate debater; she received a scholarship and placement on the USC Trojan Debate Squad.

Ashley has been recognized by Forbes in its inaugural Next 1000 list; by DBusiness Magazine in its 30 in Their Thirties list; and by Corp! Magazine with its Millennial Award.

In her spare time, Ashley is a board member for various mission-driven entities that connect with topics of importance to her. Some of these entities include the National Association for Media Literacy Education, the Global Shapers Community, and First Independence Bank.

Jared is passionate about designing and conducting user research and telling data-driven stories. He started PwrdBy six years ago after leaving Deloitte Consulting, where he was a senior consultant in their Social Impact Strategy practice. Jared is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and has built numerous successful mobile, web, and data products in partnership with clients, including the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising application, In Flight, which helps them manage 170 hospitals across the U.S. 

Jared has worked across multinational companies, public organizations, and innovative startups. Past clients have included TOMS Shoes, Starwood hotels, Delta airlines, The Gap, AB InBev, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Panasonic, Nissan, SRAM, the State of Alaska, and the State of Florida.  

Jared is a contributing author to NonProfitPRO, LATech4Good, and Technology Association of Grantmakers. He is a speaker on artificial intelligence, big data, and data science. He is a TEDx speaker on innovation communities. Jared graduated Summa Cum Laude with Distinct Honors from Miami University with a double major in Accounting and Environmental Science. Jared sits on the board for the Youth Business Alliance and LATech4Good. Jared is a council member for the AI for Good Foundation.

Graduated in  Mathematics at the University of the state of Sao Paulo (Unesp) and Computer Engineering at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul state (UFRGS) and Master  in  Industrial Automation engineering (UFRG)
Director of International SAP Projects in multinationals in the automotive and petrochemical sector.
Chairman at AC International Group (A European Conglomerate of technology companies, based in Portugal, which operates in the integration of the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem with SAP tools. The largest global management system present in more than 400 thousand companies around the world).

He has led multiple global disruptive thinking interventions at Government & Executive levels. As a keynote speaker, MC and facilitator on subjects ranging from Digital & Tech, to Finance, Trade & Investment, Ecommerce, Leadership, Customer Engagement, Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Examples include: The World Investment Forum (Geneva, invited from the UN Economic Commission), The Africa Trade & Investment Global Summit (Washington), The Global Digital Leaders Forum (Luxembourg), UN Global Ecommerce Week (Geneva), AfricaCom (Cape Town), East Africa Manufacturing Summit (Nairobi), KZN MFG Indaba, African Union Private Sector Summit (JHB), Consumer Goods Council Summit (JHB), SA Innovation Summit (Cape Town), SADC Ministerial Summit (Botswana), DBSA/DTI Export growth conference (JHB), Africa Agri Investment Indaba (CT), AU/UN 1st African Ecommerce Week (Nairobi), Intra-African Trade Fair (Cairo), Fintech, Payments & Ecommerce Summits (SA), Africa Tech Summit (SA)

Fred Pike is a Managing Director and the GA/GTM Practice Lead at Northwoods, an agency and software-dev shop in Milwaukee. An active practitioner, he is a frequent lecturer, blogger, and videographer on GA-, GA4-, and GTM-related topics.  Fred has developed three courses for the CXL Institute (, including “Google Analytics Audits” and “Excel and Sheets for Marketers”.

Sharis Delgadillo is a television professional with more than 10 years in broadcast entertainment and digital journalism. Most recently she worked as the Researcher for Netflix’s “Selena: The Series,” a scripted series based on the life of slain Tex-Mex singer and icon Selena Quintanilla-Perez. Sharis conducted all the biographical investigation including interviews and archival retrievals that served as the creative framework for the television writers and production departments. She’s also helped evaluate documentary and film submissions for PBS’s Latino Public Broadcasting Current Issues Fund and HBO’s ACCESS Directing Fellowship. As a freelance journalist, her work has covered entertainment and politics found on sites such as NPR’s Latino, NBC,, Latino Rebels Radio Podcast, KPFK 90.7FM, The Luz Collective, and more. In 2011, she received her M.A. in Broadcast Journalism from the USC Annenberg School for Communications & Journalism, where she interned at Cape Town TV in South Africa during the 2010 World Cup and was a Knight Chair in Media and Religion Fellow where she had the opportunity to travel and reported from Israel covering race and religion.

Luca Bozzato is a LinkedIn expert since 2012 and founder of Talent in Acquisition, which focuses on Employer Branding, C-Suite Activation and Brand Positioning on LinkedIn.
Co-author of “How to Really Use LinkedIn” (it. ed.) with Bert Verdonck & Mike Clark, Luca consults top brands on how to communicate effectively through LinkedIn.